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What is included?

This is what You get

In this 30 minute session we will personally work one on one in a safe and non-judgemental space to talk through what’s troubling you.

We will do a brief mental wellness assessment and you’ll end the session with a few easy to implement strategies to go and try. If you felt you got something out of this session we can then go on to book our first whole hour long session.

I look forward to helping you get Moore out of your life really soon!


Please note this is not a crisis service. If in crisis please call your local crisis help hotline or emergency services.

One-on-one call

A 30 minute session with a professional therapist in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

Mental wellness assessment

I will help you figure out where you stand and how to improve things from there.

Practical Implementation

After the call you will have easy to implement strategies that will help you in your process of improving your life.

Coaching/Counselling Format

The opportunity to continue to work together in a coaching/counselling format knowing that you’ll feel supported every step of the way.

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Trust me, you’re not alone, let me guide you to live a more meaningful life aligned with your core values.

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This is what Our Clients are saying:

“Jason was not only professional with this approach in helping me out but he was able to relate and advise & help me accordingly. He was genuine and sincere with this methods & it definitely made me feel better after working with him. “


Coaching Client

“Highly recommend Jason’s services to anyone who just needs clarity and the tools required to achieve the best out of life’s balancing & let’s face it – who doesn’t need help from time to time!!!! With Jason’s help you streamline some of life’s obstacles to achieve the goals that are important to you!!!”


Coaching Client

“Jason is not only easy to talk too but listens – picks up on patterns – never judges – only encourages…. encourages you to ask yourself the hard questions – givIng you the tools to work on yourself while being there every step of the way – so easy with convenient phone sessions at a time that fits in with your lifestyle.”


Phone Counselling Client

“I cannot begin to express how incredibly helpful Jason was, changing my whole outlook, I feel like myself again I hadn’t for most of 2 years, pain had consumed my outlook, and convinced me I had lost myself, worst I thought it was forever! Jason helped me through a severely hard time, changing my attitude about the pain and controlling it, instead of it controlling me! The strategies he put forward help me change my life in all aspects. I am forever grateful for his compassion and empathy. A true good soul.”


Counselling Client

“My time with Jason did help me a lot. I still have a lot to learn about depression and living with heart failure has been in some cases a little overwhelming, while having some mindfulness in place has helped, I believe talking with Jason has helped even more. My time with Jason was helpful, being open about some of the things like mental blockers and how to work around them has helped. So, for that I’m thankful, being mindful of my own self and having small moments to be gratitude towards myself for being alive, trying to work within the confines of coping with I’m not the person I was when I was in hospital has helped.”


Counselling Client

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