Our Team - Moore Mindful Services
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Our Team

Meet Our Team!

Jason Moore

Jason Moore (He/Him): Lead Therapist and Owner

Jason is a masters qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and the owner of Moore Mindful Services. He loves helping others live a more rich and meaningful life with less stress and anxiety and is very passionate about working with neurodiverse clients aged 15 years and older.

Jason focuses on a strength-based approach to his therapy and often incorporates ACT, CBT and mindfulness into his therapeutic work.

He is experienced in addiction support, relationship counselling, assisting people to work through grief, loss and depression, better manage their stress and anxiety and work on reaching their goals to live their best life. He has also worked within the NDIS for many years and has experience working with clients with a diverse range of needs. He particularly enjoys working with adults with ADHD and Autism, combining his lived experience as a neurodiverse individual with his masters training and experience. Jason practices a neuroaffirming approach focused on the clients strengths, validating their personal experience and celebrating the neurodiverse mind.

Jason has a Bachelors Degree in Psychological Science and a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is also registered with the Australian Counselling Association. He is also LGBTIQA+ and kink allied.


We have a range of empathetic and professional subcontractors that work along side our business to ensure we always have capacity for new referrals and enquires.


Lucy (She/Her): Social Worker and Therapist

Lucy is a registered Social Worker with a passion for helping people. Her practice offers a safe space for women and children; helping those who are suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, school challenges, family issues, feelings of low self worth, behavioural difficulties, bullying, emotional difficulties, estrangement and trauma.

Lucy works to help those suffering with mental health challenges in order to reconnect and build strong healthy relationships within themselves and those around them. Using a Person Centred Strengths Based Approach, Lucy aims to empower the individual to make informed decisions about their life and future, directed by them in a supported safe environment.

Lucy works with clients to develop techniques to help teach self regulation of emotions and teach co-regulation techniques to parents/caregivers in order to help children regulate their emotional dysregulations, achieving this through coping skills teachings, mindfulness and behavioural awareness.


Sophia (She/Her): Counsellor/ Therapist

Sophia is a masters qualified counsellor and therapist. She has a range of experience working with children and adults who experience a variety of psychosocial and developmental challenges and enjoys working with individuals and supporting them to create a holistic balance in life.

Sophia works from a person-centred approach that is strength based. She also has a passion for assisting individuals who may be experiencing anxiety, depression and PTSD.