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Make a time with us and a fully qualified counsellor will call you for a 30 or 60 minute supportive phone call. This is also an option for all counselling and coaching sessions. If you prefer to talk over the phone, rather than come in for a face to face session, please just let us know. Feeling stressed, anxious, just need someone to talk to? Let us help lighten the load. Please note this is not a crisis service.

ADHD/Autism Coaching and Counselling | Support for Depression, Stress and Anxiety Management | Conflict Resolution and Goal Setting | And Moore

Price: $50 for 30 Minutes or $150 for One Hour.


Our masters qualified counsellors and therapists offer neuroaffirming, person centred therapeutic support and counselling in a range of areas. We offer a variety of services and are very passionate about working with clients to overcome stress and anxiety as well as working with neurodiverse clients. All sessions available over the phone or in person. We also have friendly male or female therapists available. NDIS and some Private Health options are available but please discuss with us first. All therapists are professionally registered and hold all required clearances.
Our focus areas for counselling are:

ADHD/Autism Support | Depression | Stress Management | Social Confidence | Anxiety | Conflict Resolution | Relationship Support | And Moore

Price: $150 for 1 Session / $500 for 4 session

Theraputic Coaching


We offer tailored therapeutic coaching services customised to our clients requirements and work regularly with clients to develop skills to overcome whatever obstacles they may be facing, as well as connecting with their own strengths and values. This is coaching offered by a masters qualified psychotherapist using evidence based techniques for growth and improved mindset. Coaching can be a little more directive and goal orientated than standard therapy in relation to working on a specific issue that may be causing difficulty in the individuals life in the present rather than our counselling services that take on a broader wholistic scope supporting healing and growth looking at an individuals life as a whole. Available over the phone or in person and can be helpful for the following:

Defining your Life Values | Identifying your Purpose | Discovering your Passion | Time Management Skills | Goal Setting Strategies | Accountability of Action | Developing a Mindset for Growth

Price: $150 for 1 Session / $500 for 4 sessions

performer coaching


Our lead therapist Jason offers tailored support for entertainers and performers. Being a professional performer himself he understands the hurdles that are associated with the arts, and being a mental health professional means he is also equipped with the skills and expertise to help coach performers on how to better manage the hurdles associated with working in the arts. Those working in the arts often struggle with performance anxiety, self doubt, goal setting, motivation, rejection, depression and many other hurdles. Our Performer Specific Coaching allows artists to get support from someone who not only has the knowledge to coach them along their path, but also understands this path and its hurdles. Support for the artist by an artist.

Better Manage Rejection | Reconnect with Purpose and Passion | Manage Performance Anxiety and Stress | Overcome Self Doubt | Goal Setting |Accountability of Action | Developing a Mindset for Success

Price: $150 for 1 Session / $500 for 4 sessions


Don’t feel like sitting in an office for an entire counselling or coaching session? That is completely ok! We love getting some fresh air, not to mention sometimes doing something active while working together can make things feel more relaxed and help with getting more out of sessions. Our office is located directly overlooking the main lake in Mawson Lakes, so you are always welcome to request a ‘walk and talk session’ where we can have a calming walk around the lake while we have our session. (Weather Permitting)

Counselling | Psychotherapy | Coaching

Price: $150 for 1 Hour / $50 for 30 Minutes


We offer a premium service to businesses and high schools to ensure that the work or learning environment is neuroaffirming, mental health friendly and an emotionally supported workplace. The improved mood and happiness of staff or students has a massive impact on results and success. One of our specially trained Mental Health Consultants will work along with your business or school to conduct an in-depth analysis of your environment and those who work there to offer you a tailored report based on up-to-date statistics and research on potential ways to better increase the mental health of your work environment. We can also offer workshops and mentoring around ADHD and mental health support. Contact us today for an obligational free meeting to discuss this further.

Increased Productivity Morale and Teamwork | Emotionally Supportive Workplace | Neuroaffirming Improvements | Workshops on ADHD

Price: Contact Us for a Free Quote