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Charity Event


The Challenge:

A four-day (500KM) bicycle ride from Goolwa, South Australia, to Mt. Gambier in the scorching hot Aussie Summer by two YouTube personalities with a passion for mental health, SA’s beauty and of course a good challenge!

Jason and Jamie have been challenged to cycle this journey pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, stopping along the way at some beautiful sites to raise awareness for mental health and SA’s beautiful coastline. By pushing themselves, they aim to demonstrate that when we push through adversity sometimes, we are met with some unexpected beautiful opportunities on the other side. Jamie is a proud Indigenous Australian and professional musician and Jason is an actor and mental health counsellor/psychotherapist. Joining them on this ‘Trek Through Oz’ is Aaron, an experienced cyclist, and Navy Veteran. Can the boys keep up as they embark on this journey all while raising money for SA mental health charity Talk Out Loud?

Who are ‘Talk Out Loud’?

Jason and Jamie will be raising money for local not-for-profit mental health charity ‘Talk Out Loud’. Since 2016, Talk Out Loud have aimed to promote mental health awareness and offer quality support and long term solutions for young people at risk in the local community. Both Jason and Jamie are very proud mental health advocates, both with their own stories and experiences around this subject. Supporting mental health awareness is something they both hold very close to their hearts and is the driving force pushing them to accept this challenge. Thanks to our generous sponsors, 100% of donations will be going directly to Talk Out Loud helping them support young people with mental health struggles.

For more information about Talk Out Loud visit them here:

Help support young people battling mental health struggles by donating today! Every dollar helps! Click here to support the journey!


Don’t have Facebook or PayPal? You can still support the cause by following this link instead for another way to donate!

Don’t have Facebook or PayPal? Support the cause by donating here instead!
Please just add the following message on checkout: “PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE CHARITY CYCLE!”

The Trip:

Taking place in the middle of a very hot Aussie Summer, the four-day (500km) trip across the south coast will be leaving Goolwa, South Australia on the 28th of December 2023. The journey will be split into four days of riding, filming, and exploring as the team visit the following destinations before arriving in the stunning Mt. Gambier SA on New Year’s Eve where there will be a stage and official finish line set up thanks to the Mt. Gambier Council!

Leg One:

Goolwa to Coorong Camp Site (155Km). 28th December 2023
Traveling from Goolwa the team will journey around the massive Lake Alexandrina through lake side towns of Milang, Wellington and Meningie and make their way along the start of the famous Coorong River where they will stop to make camp for that night. Along the way they will showcase stunning sites such as the Murray Mouth, local lake side towns, Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert, and some beautiful spots along the Coorong, even doing a boat adventure ride thanks to the supporters from Coorong Adventures at the end of the journey!

Leg Two:

Coorong Camp Site to Kingston SE (135Km). 29th December 2023
Setting off the next day the team will be traveling along a very long stretch of Coorong to their next destination, the lovely beachside town of Kingstone in Adelaide’s Southeast. Along this leg the team will showcase some of the lovely salt bush and natural Coorong habitats that are home to some lovely Aussie wildlife! Arriving in the beautiful Kingston with support from the local Crown Inn Hotel, the team will then enjoy a night of pub food and good Aussie pub hospitality.

Leg Three:

Kingston SE to Beachport to Millicent (140Km). 30th December 2023
The third leg will be a busy day as they travel through various stunning beachfront towns stopping at some stunning lookout spots, beaches, a pioneer homestead and even a penguin island. The third leg ends at Millicent where another Aussie pub, The Millicent Grand Hotel, awaits them for a warm meal and even a ghost story or two.

Leg Four:

Millicent to Mt. Gambier (65Km). 31st of December 2023
With legs that will be feeling like jelly, the team head off to the finish line! Enjoying some of the scenery along the way into Mt. Gambier the official finish will be the beautiful Sink Hole Gardens in the cities centre. Awaiting them will be council officials and locals to cheer as they complete their journey. Now with accommodation for three more nights in the Old Mt. Gambier Gaol, the team can relax, party, and explore the sites that this hidden gem of a city has to offer including sunken gardens, caves, lagoons and much more! A location well worth the challenging journey.

Sponsored Support:

‘Trek Across Oz’ could not happen without our amazing team of sponsors supporting us. The team are grateful for all the sponsorship and support they have received to help deliver this journey to its fullest potential and can proudly say thanks to these sponsors that 100% of donations will go directly to the charity!

Mental Health Charity Cycle

Help support young people battling mental health struggles by donating today! Every dollar helps! Click here to support the journey!

Trek Across Oz: Cycling for Mental Health (Goolwa to Mt. Gambier)
Presented by Bunyip Adventures!

Challenge Accepted!

Thank you to our proud sponsors!