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Stress Management Course



Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Need some quick and effective strategies to better manage anxiety, depression, and other difficult emotions?

This course will not only give you a better understanding of these things, it will also give you a variety of tools and techniques to help you reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

In this hour and a half workshop you will get access to a wealth of knowledge taught by a masters qualified mental health counsellor who specialises in stress and anxiety management.


What is included:

  • Workshop One:
    • What is Stress, Anxiety and Depression?
    • What is Mindfulness? How does it work?
    • How do we manage difficult thoughts and emotions?
  • Workshop Two:
    • What is Mindful Meditation?
    • What are the different types of mindfulness?
    • How do we defuse from difficult thoughts?
    • Why does meditation work? The Science behind it.
    • Meditation Exercise
  • Workshop Three:
    • What is grounding? Why is it important?
    • Grounding Techniques and Tips
    • How do we support someone who is struggling?
    • What is empathy and what is sympathy?
    • Mindfulness Grounding Exercise.
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